NEPLAB is an Ahmedabad-Gujarat based India’s one of the best fume hood manufacturers and suppliers in India. These fume hoods have a choice of vertical or horizontal sliding sash and GI (Galvanized) or stainless-steel construction. The standard sizes of our fume hoods are available in most demanded requirements like 4, 5, 6 & 8 feet.

Fume hoods are ventilation device designed to prevent the user and the laboratory/facility from toxic fumes, gases, aerosols, and dust which may be generated while handling a chemical. Fume hoods provide spacious working area and various equipment like the hot plate, overhead stirrer and weighing balance etc. can be used inside of it.

Purpose of Chemical fume hoods, when used properly, are one of the most reliable engineering controls in the laboratory. They protect workers by: Containing vapors, dusts, gases, and fumes generated within the hood, and removing them as air flows into the hood and then out via the laboratory exhaust system.


  • Bench Type Constant Fume Hood
  • Low Constant Bench Volume Type Fume Hood
  • Walk in Type Fume Hood
Structure Frame GI (TATA) construction 1.6mm with highly sturdiness / SS 304-316
Outer Panels & Body Double side panels with construction of GI (TATA) sheet 1.2mm thickness / SS 304-316
Front Pillars 45 Degree sections for easy air circulation inside the hood.
Airfoil Flip on type in 1.6mm (SS 316)
Sash Vertical rising 6mm toughened glass mounted in a leveled PP channel with roller for smooth sliding. The bottom of sash frame has a full length of metal handle. The sash shall be balanced with a weight to prevent tilting & binding during operation.
Inner Lining & baffles Inner walls and top baffles are made from Phenolic resin 8mm Sheet which is resist chemically and thermally.
Work Top Black Jet Granite 40mm with skirting covered, Oval shaped PP cup sink for drainage water.
Duct Damper 200/300mm Diameter in PP construction with flanges & both sides manual operation handle. (Damper diameter will be fixed depend upon work area size)
Service Valves Brass construction with aluminum spindle, Color knobs in plastic construction. Angular shaped Serrated nozzles with epoxy coated brass material. Along with 1.5mtr long tubing
Valves Compressed Air, Vacuum, Nitrogen & portable water made from
epoxy coated brass with flexible PU hose pipe connections passing through the side of panels.
Electric Panel - Concealed Internal Wiring with all safety norms. - "LEGRAND" Make MCB for blower ON/OFF - “LEGRAND” Make 5/15 Amp Switches & Sockets - 6Nos - “LEGRAND” Make 5/15 Amp Switch for LED light ON/OFF
Under Storage Cabinet 1.2mm GI construction / SS 304-316 2 Modules with 4 shutters (Double skinned) Adjustable Shelves for storage the material Heavy duty “KITCH” SS 304 hinges for durability
Powder Coating POLYCOAT / RAL / Nice Coat / AkzoNobel The pre-treated steel parts will be coated with and electrostatic applied epoxy powder paint to a min 70-80 microns & oven baked at 200 Degree with 5 tanks chemical process.
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